Ten GOOD Reasons To Buy Our Russian Siberian Kittens:

  1. They’re top-quality Siberian Kittens.

  2. You can pick-up your kitten in the Charlotte, North Carolina Area, 28115 or from Lexington, Kentucky, 40511.

  3. These Kittens are SUPER CUTE, and they grow to become GORGEOUS, Soft, and very friendly Adult Cats.

  4. Your Kitten’s Health is Guaranteed

  5. Very Socialized. (Raised in a non-smoking home with 6 young children)

  6. Hypoallergenic (We are normally allergic to cats but live with these!)

  7. Did we mention that they’re super cute?

  8. Our Cattery is TICA Registered, and so are the cats.

  9. Because the reason we breed kittens is so that we can teach our young children about money, responsibility, hard work, and accountability.   All proceeds go back to our children!

  10. Here are six adorable other reasons below

all six siberian kittens from prior adoption